Recreational Weed Los Angeles

Seasoned smokers, greenthumbs, and everyone in between have come in and asked us what our best weed is, or what makes one strain or brand better than another. Here’s what we tell them, and what we look for when we’re picking out new strains for our recreational cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles:

Size Matters

The size of the bud and the crystals on that bud will inform how potent the THC or CBD is and how it will affect you. Different strains grow at different sizes, and how they are harvested and packaged will also impact your smoking experience. Most people only roll up about 1-2 grams in a blunt and most dispensaries sell weed by the ounce, which is 28 grams. 

Eat With Your Eyes, Smoke With Your Nose

Terpenes are the things that make weed smell the way it does. Higher-quality weed is usually more pungent and has deeper colors. You can taste the difference in the flower and in edibles and tinctures. This may sound snobby on its surface, but trust us when we say that smell matters. We eat with our noses as much as we do with our eyes or mouths, and you can smell the difference between good weed and great weed. 

Composition is Highly Underrated

The thing that impacts your experience smoking weed or consuming it in any other way is the composition or the strain. THC is responsible for the high associated with weed, and CBD is responsible for the relaxed, mellowed-out feeling that is also associated with weed. Higher quantities of THC will result in a stronger head high and higher quantities of CBD will lead to more intense relaxation. 

If you’re looking for the best recreational weed in Los Angeles, your search starts and ends at the Growcery. Check out our deals page to see how you can save money on top-shelf bud.