Recreational Weed Los Angeles

Where to Find Top Shelf Flower in Los Angeles

LA is home to sunny dispositions and good weed. People have been asking us how we choose the flower we carry and how we choose the flower that lands on our top shelf. The Growcery has been serving Los Angeles for over 15 years. We’ve been in business for as long as we have because […]

What Makes the Best Recreational Weed

Seasoned smokers, greenthumbs, and everyone in between have come in and asked us what our best weed is, or what makes one strain or brand better than another. Here’s what we tell them, and what we look for when we’re picking out new strains for our recreational cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles: Size Matters The […]

How to Find the Best Vape Cart Deals in Los Angeles

Vape carts are great, but they can get pricey and it can be hard to find the vape carts you’re looking for at a reasonable price, especially if you’re shopping at dispensaries in Los Angeles. We know what it’s like to walk into a dispensary running a promotion, get to the counter, and be told […]

A Beginner’s Guide to THC Edibles

Edibles are an easy and tasty way of getting a controlled amount of THC in your system, but it can be hard to know what kind of edibles you should start off with and how much you should take. The Growcery is a Los Angeles-based recreational dispensary with a wide selection of top-shelf edibles and […]